Extended Migration Profile of the Republic of Moldova 2009-2014

We invite you to read the Extended Migration Profile of the Republic of Moldova 2009-2014, which is an analytical report. The Extended Migration Profile is a country-owned tool, prepared in consultation with a broad range of government and non-government stakeholders. The Profile was developed based on all nationally and internationally available statistical and administrative data, collected for the period 2009-2014, based on evidence from the secondary sources, legal, regulatory and policy documents and the previous edition of the Profile.

The purpose of the Profile is to be used in order to enhance policy coherence, evidence-based policymaking and the mainstreaming of migration into development planning.

This Profile consists of four parts: Part A – Migration Trends; Part B  Migration Impact; Part C  Migration Management Framework and Part D  Main Findings, Policy Implications and Recommendations. It offers: a description of key migration trends, an analysis of the impact of migration on demographic, economic, labour, social and public health development of the country.

The migration studies that have been carried out reveal that economic reasons remain to be the main push factor for Moldovan migrants, especially the lack of local employment opportunities and the small salaries offered in the country’s labour market. Migration is still characterized more by international emigration of the country’s population and less by the immigration of persons from abroad.

This publication is available in Romanian and Russian languages.

Subsequent editions of the Profile can be found here.