Free International Univeristy of Moldova students interested in the field of migration and IOM’s work

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Monday, December 4, 2017
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On 4 December 2017, Mr. Antonio Polosa, Chief of Misssiom, the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova held a public lecture about migration and IOM’s work in the field at the Free International University of Moldova.

The lecture was opened by Mr. Vladimir Chirinciuc, Deputy Rector for International Relations of ULIM and other representatives of the university. The lecture was held mainly for International relations undergraduates in order to let them be acquainted with the field of migration, IOM’s work and one’s career as a diplomat.

Mr. Polosa gave on overview of the history of IOM and the major areas of interventions: regulating migration, facilitating migration, Movement, Emergency and Post-conflict Migration Management, Migration Health, Migration & Development, Claims Programmes and Policy Research and Forum Activities.

Mr. Polosa also spoke about the work of IOM in the Republic of Moldova, covering four of the major areas of intervention: Prevention and Protection, Migration Management, Facilitating Migration and Migration and Development. Mr. Polosa presented the university with a number of books and studies developed by IOM in the field of Migration and Development, and most importantly with the Migration and Development Textbooks (manuals) developed earlier by dr. Valeriu Mosneaga and dr. Dorin Vachulovschi – two acclaimed professors and researchers in the field.

Earlier that day, Mr. Polosa met with Mr. Andrei Galben, Retor of the ULIM and with Ms. Valentina  Ciumacenco, Head of the International Cooperation Centre of ULIM. Mr. Galben and Mr. Polosa discussed the current developments in the field of migration and the opportunity to sign a cooperation agreement that would turn the occasional invitation for a public lecture into a more significant cooperation.  

For more information, contact Ms. Iulia Tvigun at or 069 123 905.

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