Diaspora Excellence Groups: eight highly skilled experts from diaspora were selected

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Thursday, July 13, 2017
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Today, on 13 July 2017, at the Government of the Republic of Moldova was held selection meeting of the leaders of the Diaspora Excellence Groups (GED) program, part of the Diaspora Engagement Hub. Program implementers – the International Organization for Migration, the Diaspora Relations Bureau and with the Secretary General of the Government, Ms. Lilia Palii and the Counselors of the Prime Minister of RM selected the leaders of the Excellence Groups.

Therefore, were selected the following candidates:
1. Dorin Dusciac, Paris, France. Specialist in nuclear physics and international relations, PhD in Physics, Research Engineer at Henri Becquerel National Laboratory.
2. Svetlana Cranga Janaudy, Marseille, France. Specialist in economics and management of innovation and intellectual property organizations, regional sales and export engineer at “Fives Pillard”.
3. Doina Ciobanu, California, USA. Specialist in molecular biology, researcher at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory.
4. Ian Toma, Virginia/Washington, USA. Biochemistry and Molecular Genomics Specialist, Professor at the Medical Clinic of the University of Washington.
5. Victor Baiesu, Hague, the Netherlands. Master in Comparative European Law, Legal Advisor to the Special Court for Lebanon.
6. Laurentiu Hadarca, Hague, the Netherlands. Master in Comparative Constitutional Law, MA in International Relations, senior legal adviser at the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities.
7. Marcel Tibirnac, Bucharest, Romania. Doctor of Environmental Sciences, Ecologist at “Environmental Consulting”.
8. Ala Mindicanu, Quebec, Canada. Specialist in economics, public administration and philology, founder and president of the Moldovan Community of Quebec.

Trough the Diaspora Excellence Groups program will be created five Excellency Groups, led by at least two highly qualified diaspora experts in one field each group. The groups will be formed around the priority areas recommended by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which were announced earlier, on 23 May, at the launching of the programme.

Diaspora Excellence Groups will work on public policy proposals or on certain projects agreed with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. Preliminary results will be presented at Diaspora Days 2017.

The Diaspora Excellence Groups are created thanks to the “Enhancing the Development of Moldova through Engagement with Diaspora-Homeland Partnerships” project financed by IOM International Development Fund (IDF) and implemented by IOM Moldova in partnership with Diaspora Relations Bureau and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

For more details contact Ms. Iulia Tvigun at itvigun@iom.int