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"Children Left behind are our Children!"
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During the week of 24-30 June, the IOM Mission to Moldova, in collaboration with the Partnership for Development Centre, the National Museum of Ethnography and other NGOs and local partners held the Summer School for Children Left Behind (CLB) in rural areas. 

The event called "Children Left Behind are our Children!" was organized under the patronage of Marie Moser, President of the International Women’s Club in Moldova, and involved more than 40 people (35 children, 7 teachers and 3 social assistants) from Horodişte, Ţîpova and Lalova villages, Rezina rayon. During the first day, all participants went on an excursion to the Chisinau Museum of Ethnography, where they celebrated the International Day of “Ie” (embroidered shirt) and discussed the topic of national heritage in an informal atmosphere. On the second day of the summer school, local heritage sites were explored during an excursion to the Horodişte canyon and Ţîpova Monastery. Following the two days of getting to know each other and becoming acquainted with the country’s historical heritage, the participants (divided into age groups) began a robust educational agenda: they discussed Ecology, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Tolerance and Equal Opportunities, Health, Financial Education and Careers. They learned more about tolerance, non-violence, stereotypes and discrimination, self-esteem and democracy. During group reflection activities, mixed groups discussed the day’s activities, shared the lessons learned, evaluated their own participation, and provided feedback to the trainers and organizers.

The Summer School had the general goal of empowering CLB, their teachers and community social assistants, providing them with the social and communication tools necessary for them to express themselves and to feel comfortable in our society. This activity was supported by the EU-fund project “Addressing the Negative Effects of Migratoin on Children and Families Left Behind”.

Authorities could do more to end impunity for those guilty of trafficking in persons in Moldova, a study concludes
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A third of trafficking in human beings cases ended up being reclassified to milder crimes, and perpetrators got off lightly – the first analysis of prosecutions and trials of cases on trafficking in persons is presented at a counter-trafficking stakeholders’ Forum

The Analytical Study on the investigation and trial of cases of trafficking in persons and related offences, based on a thorough analysis of 380 criminal cases examined and tried between 2006 and 2010, finds that the charges of trafficking in persons were very often reclassified into pimping, forced labour or organization of begging, which allowed perpetrators to avoid lengthy prison terms or even to scrape by with just a fine. The study notes that confusion persists among some law-enforcement agencies about the differences between trafficking and associated offences. It also identifies a number of problems that hindered progress in combating the phenomenon: as Moldova remains a country of origin for trafficking it was difficult to prove that exploitation had taken place as it often happens abroad; prosecutors did not always pursue and insist on trafficking charges against presumed perpetrators; legal provisions were not fully observed; in many cases court hearings were repeatedly delayed, and proceedings were too lengthy, thus discouraging some participants and making them lose hope in justice, and victims’ rights were not sufficiently protected. An insignificant number of victims was provided with legal assistance throughout the criminal proceedings and very few received compensation for the damages caused by the crime. Read more...

The awareness-raising campaign for Moldovans in Italy wraps up
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Click to enlargeThe last meeting with expatriate Moldovans took place on 15 June in Milano within the “Nobody is Alone on the Earth” campaign, which aims at reminding them about their home country and unite them in the face of common everyday problems.

The “Nobody is Alone on the Earth” Campaign was implemented by International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova, in partnership with Moldovan Diaspora Association in Italy. The Campaign is based on the theatre play “The Abandoned People” by Dumitru Crudu, directed by Vitalie Drucec at The Eugen Ionesco Theatre. The work offers an artistic view on migration from Moldova and its effects on those who have left and those who have been left behind. The goal of projecting a video recording of this play for Moldovan migrants is the stimulation of a dialogue with them and identification of their problems and needs. Read more...

The First Steering Committee Meeting of the MIGRECO project
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On the 30th of May the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Moldova, held the First Steering Committee Meeting of the Moldovan component of the EU funded project “Strengthening Migration Management and Cooperation on Readmission in Eastern Europe (MIGRECO)”.

The event gathered about 40 representatives from ministries (MIA, MFAIE, MLSPF, MITC, MJ, Prosecutor Office, HM, and Ombudsman), international organizations (UNHCR, EUBAM, OSCE, ICMPD, and ILO) and civil society (NGO “IPR”, Law Center for Advocates, Amnesty International Moldova). The Steering Committee marked the launching of Moldovan component of this regional EU-funded project under the EC Thematic Programme on Migration and Asylum 2012, which will be coordinated regionally by the IOM office in Kiev.

The MIGRECO project aims at contributing to enhancing migration management and fostering cooperation on readmission in Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus; it will be implemented during 24 months with a total budget of €2.4 million for all 3 countries. Read more...

Consultation of the Government regarding the national proposal on mainstreaming migration in development planning
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The Government of the Republic of Moldova has organized within the framework of a Joint Retreat during May 29-30 May 2013, a round of consultations related to the National Proposal on Mainstreaming Migration in Development Planning with the participation of decision makers, representatives of the civil society, and development partners.  

The consultations organized during May 29-30, 2013 served as a good occasion for the decision makers, development partners, and civil society representatives to discuss the draft National Proposal on Mainstreaming Migration in Development Planning, including the most efficient mechanisms of cooperation and coordination of activities related to migration and development, tackling a number of social-economic implications arising from the migration phenomenon and their relevance for a series of development problems in the Republic of Moldova. Read more...

PLURAL+ MOLDOVA 2013: Film it! Show it! Change it!
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Young filmmakers and photographers are invited to submit their works on migration and diversity till 17 November 2013.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (AoC), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission to Moldova, in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the United Nations in Moldova, the OWH Studio and Roman Rybaleov Photo School are pleased to invite young people from all over the country to participate in the PLURAL+ MOLDOVA 2013.

PLURAL+ MOLDOVA is open to anyone aged 9-25, it’s main objective is to let young people share their perspectives on migration and diversity as they are the best promoters of tolerance and integration in a world marred by divisions. The participants are invited to spearhead change through their creative work: short films or photos on migration, diversity and social inclusion.

Filmmakers are expected to produce a 1 to 5 minute video of any genre and style (documentary, play film, animation, etc.); photographers may submit a set of up to 3 pictures. The works should reflect issues related to migration, respect for human rights and dignity, the principle of absolute prohibition of violence in any form, promotion of social cohesion among peoples and creeds. After the closing date for submissions a competent jury will evaluate works in two separate sections – Video and Photo. As in previous years, the awards ceremony will be held on International Migrants Day on 18 December 2013; it will also mark the 5th anniversary of PLURAL+ MOLDOVA. Read more...

Training workshop “Improving data analysis on migration in the Republic of Moldova”
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The workshop “Improving Data Analysis on Migration in the Republic of Moldova”, held during April 15-16, 2013, has trained a number of public servants and decision makers directly involved in planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of migration and development policies.

A number of public servants and decision makers from public institutions, as well as representatives of the UN Country Team and other international organizations, and the academic environment benefited during April 15-16, 2013 from a training on “Improving Data Analysis on Migration in the Republic of Moldova”, meant to enhance the capacities of the national authorities in planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies on migration and development. This workshop was facilitated with the support of the International Organization for Migration experts and European practitioners with experience in the respective area. Read more...

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