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Week of fight against trafficking in human beings came to its end
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Chişinău, 23 October 2014 - Today, took place the closing event of the National Campaign "Week of fight against trafficking in human beings" with a flashmob entitled „PROTECTED BY THE ANTI-TRAFFICKING COMMUNITY". Participants at the flashmob released balloons into the air and voiced the campaign message, while forming together the word „PROTECTED". Read more... 

Money Transfer between Poste Italiane and Posta Moldovei
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Chisinau, 20 October, 2014 - Today took place the official launch of a new international money transfer service, between the postal services from the Republic of Moldova and Italy.This service is available following the agreement signed between the two countries that allow individual money transfer from over 9,000 Italian postal offices to the 1,148 postal offices located in Moldova.Read more... 

Launch of the national campaign "Week against trafficking in human beings"
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Protected by the anti-trafficking community

Chisinau, 16 October 2014 - Today, the Permanent Secretariat of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking launched the national campaign "Week against trafficking in human beings", which will take place for the 3rd consecutive year, between 16 -23 October. The campaign aims to prevent trafficking in human beings by informing the public, especially young people, about the risks of this phenomenon with a focus on methods of online recruitment. Read more... 

Presentation of "Colors" movie within the "Zero tolerance for domestic violence” campaign
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Chisinau, 15 October 2014 - Today at Rezina was screened the "Colors" movie, a work done by "Sergiu Prodan" Workshop in partnership with the International Center for Women Rights Protection and Promotion “La Strada”, which is dedicated to Rezina city day and is part of the campaign" Zero tolerance to domestic violence."Read more... 

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CHISINAU, 10 October 2014 - To support Diaspora initiatives/persons involved in Diaspora outreach activities, aiming to provide and disseminate relevant information for the Diaspora, reflecting events from Moldova, as well as policies and programs for Diaspora in Moldova and in the countries of destination, a Small Grants Program for Diaspora-Based Media is launched and will be implemented by the International Organization for Migration, Mission to Moldova (IOM) in collaboration with the Bureau for Relations with the Diaspora of the State Chancellery (BRD). Read more... 

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CHIȘINĂU, 2 septembrie 2014 - Organizația Internațională pentru Migrație, misiunea în Republica Moldova (OIM), în parteneriat cu Biroul pentru Relații cu Diaspora, Ministerul Tineretului și Sportului, Ministerul Educației și Agenția Națională pentru Ocuparea Forței de Muncă anunță un concurs de susținere a 30 tineri moldoveni, absolvenți ai instituțiilor din străinătate care doresc să revină temporar sau permanent în Moldova pentru a se angaja în instituțiile private/publice din Moldova în vederea schimbului de experiență și implementării abilităților obținute. Read more... 

For the first time, diaspora teamed with civil servants to develop public policies
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CHISINAU, 28 August 2014 - For the first time in Moldova, 14 young people from the diaspora, who are studying or working abroad, are contributing along with officials from the Government to public policy in the fields of finance, economics and remittances; stock market, pension and energy. This way, the economic diaspora is coming with 11 solutions to pressing problems in the Republic of Moldova, as dependence on the import of all primary energy sources - liquid, solid, gas or electricity; small pensions; high losses accumulated by farmers after natural calamities. Read more... 

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