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Supporting the family members left behind

The fourth component will target direct needs of most vulnerable persons left behind by migrants – their children and elderly relatives and will enhance the capacities of the national and local authorities to cope with a relatively new phenomenon by thematic extension and revision of Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) within the already functional National Referral System of the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child. The project will take into account and build on, rather than overlap with other initiatives, inter alia, the activities implemented in the past and currently by UNDP and UNICEF, with which IOM maintains a close coordination.

Reviewing and expanding the existing NRS operated by the Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child (after the recent reform to be taken over by the newly created Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family) , based on the profiling of special needs of the target group carried out under the Migration Profile exercise, so as to allow targeted identification and assistance to children and elderly persons left behind. Rayons and communities for the specialized research on the children and elderly left behind component of the Migration Profile will be selected according to the highest prevalence of children and elderly left behind, as indicated by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior statistics. The SOPs will be revised in line with the findings and recommendations of the research so as to effectively include the new target group in the operation of the MDTs . The up-dated methodology and new tools will be conveyed to the MDTs through the existing system of regular social protection round tables.

Pilot-testing of identification through rayon and community level MDTs and referral for individually tailored assistance through the National Coordination Unit of the MSPFC (MLSPF under the new Government structure). Implementation of 300 individual medium and long-term (re)integration assistance plans for children and elderly persons left behind through rayon and community level MDTs of the NRS, on case-management basis.

Offering crisis intervention or short-term rehabilitation measures to the children and elderly left behind referred from all regions of Moldova (including Transnistria) through the Chisinau Assistance and Protection Center (CAPC) within the existing NRS Recovery programme. The project will partially support the cost of the CAPC operation, to cover the service costs for an additional number of beneficiaries.