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Promotion and facilitation of the return and reintegration of Moldovan migrants

The third component worked at enhancing the capacity of the Moldovan Government to develop and implement programs for promotion and facilitation of the return and professional reintegration of qualified Moldovans through up-grading of the in-country system targeting migrant returnees and creation of a set of measures facilitating the return and socio-economic reintegration of various groups of returning migrants.
Promoting the return of migrants through up-grading of communication infrastructure between the Government in Chisinau and migrant communities. To allow for an effective promotion of return, the system for provision of information regarding the return and reintegration opportunities in the Republic of Moldova was consolidated to provide info to migrants and returnees on return and reintegration options within Moldova. A mass information campaign targeted the potential returning migrants in the main countries of destination.

Stimulating Return and Reinsertion into Labour Market in Moldova. Packages of return incentives for migrants to employ the financial and human capital accumulated abroad at home (maximizing developmental aspects), was developed and tested through provision of support services to facilitate business start-ups including vocational training, assistance in business strategy planning, accounting, taxation, licensing, quality standards, raising knowledge about loans and other financial services, procurement of professional equipment etc.

Creating temporary professional placements for Moldovan overseas graduates to promote definitive return and skill transfer. By encouraging the (temporary) return of Moldovan graduates from universities abroad, the project promoted the circulation of innovative ideas and processes, and expanded social “networks” that can further cross-border relations. The pilot program implemented offered support to 43 overseas Moldovan graduates in professional placements for six months in Moldova’s public and private sector. The program provided a monthly living allowance to participants, as well as reimbursement of transportation costs from the country of destination to that of origin.

Addressing brain-drain and strengthening Moldova as a Research & Development hub through temporary return of expatriated Moldovan scientists. This project supported a pilot initiative, identifying 31 leading Moldovan diaspora scientists to undertake a temporary assignment in Moldova at a local research/academic institution. The program’s objective was to improve Moldova's capacity to enhance the development impact of circular migration through temporary return of highly qualified Moldovan Scientific Diaspora members in the field of Research and Development. Additionally, a database featuring all interested candidates was established and which will form the basis for designing follow-up programming. The program provided living allowance to participants, as well as reimbursement of transportation costs.

Strengthening the links of the Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) with local authorities responsible for supporting the SME sector to consolidate their regional outreach capacity. Providing capacity building for officials, enhancing their ability to consult young self-starting entrepreneurs and thereby contribute to local development, poverty reduction and prevention of irregular migration.

Enhancing the capacity of the national and local SME support structures to build the capacity of the national and local SME support structures to comprehensively cater for the needs of youth and women entrepreneurs through the establishment of a Small and Medium Enterprise Referral System (SMERS) between all active agents in SME sector (including Micro Finance Institutions, banks, Savings and Credit Associations, Government institutions, local authorities, business service providers) on the basis of the web-portal

Entrepreneurship support to youth and women. The Program, developed to meet the priorities of the Government of Moldova, as specified within the National Programme for Economic Empowerment of Young People, addressed young people who wanted to develop their entrepreneurial capacities, start own small businesses in rural locations or wished to extend an existing one and create new workplaces. The aim of the Program was creating new socio-economic opportunities for youth at home in order to reduce the pressure for pursuing (illegal) migration. Up to 540 Moldovans in the target group (youth and women from social-vulnerable groups from rural areas) were offered entrepreneurial training and consulting and 101 participants benefitted of an-kind grant of up to 2000 Euro for kick-off of their business.

Provision of targeted information to Moldovan migrants on social entitlements in host countries. IOM upgraded the Moldovan migration website, so as to allow the creation of an interactive and continuously up-dated system for offering targeted information on social entitlements to Moldovan migrants in destination countries. The system has a user friendly interface, offering in an accessible manner information in the most used languages of Moldova, tailored to the specific needs of Moldovan migrants. on the site covers issues such as: legal assistance, social benefits portability, health services and insurance, documentation and other consular assistance, IOM’s assisted voluntary return and reintegration services, education and childcare. IOM Moldova reviewed the design and the content management of the web-site so that it is further used as an effective tool for disseminating the information and awareness-raising. IOM will also assure the visibility of the EU immigration portal on the website.

Negotiation of bilateral labour and social security agreements. Moldovan Government (Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family) was supported for negotiation of Bilateral Labour and Social Security Agreements with a number of countries. For more comprehensive information on the concluded bilateral labour and social security agreements, please consult the link in the Romanian language on: