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Migrants Accommodation Center

MACGeneral Information

The Migrants’ Accommodation Centre (Center) is the first centre of its kind in the Republic of Moldova, created based on the Government Decision no. 71 of 30.01.2004 subordinated to the Bureau for Migration and Asylum, Ministry of Interior. 

During 2007-2009 with IOM and EU support the Centre within the Bureau for Migration and Asylum (BMA) of the Ministry of Interior has been upgraded and declared ready for exploitation.

Thus, as of 5 June 2009, in accordance with the new Code of Administrative Offences, third country nationals who illegally entered the Moldovan territory, illegally reside herein or their stay on its territory is damaging for the national security, public order, health and morals are placed in the newly created Migrants’ Accommodation Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum. The migrants may be placed therein until a decision of expulsion or non-expulsion is pronounced in their respect or until the case is referred to the Refugee Directorate of the Bureau for Migration and Asylum.


The Centre offers: temporary accommodation, free access to interpretation, legal and medical services; social and psychological assistance as well as assistance to return to the countries of origin through Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR) program. See some additional pictures here ...

The Centre operates in strict compliance with its Regulation approved by the Government Decision no. 71 of 30.01.2004 as well as in compliance with other national and international instruments in the field of human rights. Its main operational standards are: confidentiality, non-discrimination, tolerance, respect and protection of human rights and responsibility.  

►Temporary Accommodation

The spacious rooms are adequately sized, lit and ventilated. Every room is equipped with an alarm system to easily call for help in the event of an emergency.

Based on international standards, families as well as women and children are accommodated in separate facilities.

Maximum duration of stay is 6 months.

Medical Assistance

Upon arrival all migrants undergo an initial health assessment in order to identify immediate medical needs that require attention of relevant healthcare specialists.

Within the first week of stay, all migrants are offered a general health examination, including medical, dental and psycho-social evaluation.

Privacy and dignity are observed throughout the examination.
Medical assistance is available 24/7.

Psychological Assistance

• Counselling in crisis situations for overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder and other problems;
• Counselling for emotional problems;
• Individual and group counselling;
• Psychiatric consultation

The MAC staff is trained to recognise signs of mental and psychological distress in culturally and ethnically diverse situations and to address them in a professional manner.

For special medical and psychological cases, separate rooms are provided in the MAC medical facility.

► Legal Assistance  

• legal advice on immigration;
• support in obtaining identity documents;
• contact consular services of the country of origin; 
• referral on asylum requests;
• right of appeal
Migrants benefit from legal advice from lawyers and attorneys who are conducting confidential consultations in designated room. With prior approval by the MAC manager, the beneficiary may also be visited by representatives of international and non-governmental human and migrants’ rights organizations, relevant national authorities, as well embassies or consulates of the beneficiaries’ countries of origin.

To ensure full access to legal, consular and interpretation services, the local NGO “Institute of Penal Reform” (IPR) administers a special hotline (tel: 92 51 71) for migrants available to them in the centre and also outside the Center.

►Social Assistance 

Upon arrival in the Centre, each beneficiary is provided with a set of personal hygiene items, clothing, clean bedding and towels. Each beneficiary is entitled to three meals per day.

Moreover, the beneficiaries of the Centre can spend time in the designated outdoor areas as well as practice their religious beliefs.

Interpretation services are provided to facilitate communication, as well as to ensure free access of the beneficiaries to the Centre’s services and the full respect of their human rights.

Beneficiaries are allowed to be visited with prior approval of the MAC Manager. Regular visits by the family members are encouraged.

► Return

Return is an administrative measure, ordered by the competent authority (the court) with the purpose of returning a foreign national who has entered illegally the territory of Moldova, failed to apply for the right to stay, or whose application for asylum has been rejected by the authorities.

Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR)

Foreigners may request assistance to return to the country of origin on a voluntary basis. The AVR program is carried out by the relevant International Organizations and NGOs specialized in cooperation with the Government of Moldova. In 2009, we have had several successful cases of AVR.
MAC is working in partnership with: 
• NGO Institute of Penal Reforms
• NGO Legal Centre for Lawyers
• UNHCR (referral of asylum cases)
• IOM Moldova
• International Red Cross

Address: 88, Petricani Street, 
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel: +373 22 434364
 Fax: +373 22 434365