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Selection of participants for the Fair of Entrepreneurial Proposals, a Migrants' Day event (December 18th 2015)

International Organization for Migration (IOM) encourages women and men to participate in the Fair of Entrepreneurial Proposals, a Migrant’s day event (December 18, 2015) with the topic Migrants in Business – Fair of Entrepreneurial Proposals. The fair is organized by UN Women, Missoion to Moldova in partnership with the Office for Relations with Diaspora (BRD) and IOM, Nexus / IASCI and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

"Promotion and protection of human rights and working conditions of migrant women: the establishment of relations with international and national mechanisms to increase the accountability of human rights" (WMW Project) is implemented by UN Women in three pilot countries: Mexico, Moldova and the Philippines. The project aims at promoting migrant women’s rights and protect them against exclusion in all stages of migration".
The purpose of the fair is to launch a communication platform between returned migrant women and their families and donors in order to inform migrants about the available funding programmes.
The Fair of Entrepreneurial Proposals is intended for migrant women and men from the diasporas, as well as women and members of migrant families back home, initiative groups of migrant women where it / they will be able to express their project ideas and / or successfully ongoing businesses. Donors will be able to provide information on their grants and funding programs.
The selection of participants will be ensured on a competitive basis. To apply one needs to submit their CV and their entrepreneurial project idea and / or a brief description of the successful ongoing business. The deadline for submission of the papers is 6 December. The call in Romanian language can be accessed entirely on