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On 11 March 2016, IOM organized a networking event for the beneficiaries of the ”Programme for the Promotion of the Return from Abroad and the Facilitation of Temporary Professional Placements for Returning Migrants” in order to consolidate the links between young graduates of foreign universities that returned home.

Mrs. Ana Ciurac, Migration and Development Programme Assistant and Mr. Vitalie Varzari, IOM Consultant opened the event presenting the programme’s current results: the programme managed to financially assist 63 returned migrants and 27 young graduates form the right bank of the Nistru River.

 “The programme cannot convince students to return home, it can only attenuate the psychological and financial shock. Especially because the first six months upon returning are the hardest; and any shown support is important” mentioned Mr. Varzari.

The programme is also implemented in the Transnistrian Region, which is why at the event were also present our implementing partners from the left bank of the Nistru River. 17 returned migrants and 5 young graduates received were financial supported by the programme.  

Mrs. Svetalana Lebedeva from the Center for Social and Legal Innovations ‘Jenskie Initiativy’ specified that all returned students from the region are graduates from universities from Odessa, Ukraine. And that they wish to have in the future returnees from other countries, such as Russia, as well.

“Generally the students are having a hard time integrating in the local job market due to the lack of interest from employers. The Center makes a great effort informing both the employers and the potential employees – the beneficiaries of the programme – using the media and social networks” she said.

To the event were also invited the programme’s partners; and they came with useful information for the students.

Mrs. Nadejda Zubco, Consultant at the Department of migration and demographic policies of the Ministry of Labors, Social Protection and Family told the attendees about bilateral agreements that the Republic of Moldova has with a number of states such as Israel in the migration field in order to help Moldovan migrants have better employment opportunities home and abroad.

Mrs. Jana Midoni, Project Officer, Policy Analysis, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Employment Promotion from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) told about the SYSLAB centres, which can be of help to the returned graduates and/or returned migrants. Mrs. Midoni invited the attendees of the event to fill out a questionnaire developed for the informational campaign on unemployment in Moldova, launched earlier by UNDP. The graduates contributed to the campaign with stories of their own or of their families and acquaintances. They were also invited to partake in the analysis of the collected information later the following week.

At the end, Mrs. Tatiana Sincovschi, UN Women Consultant told the attendees about services provided by the Bureau for Joint Information and Services, which was received very well, especially since some of the beneficiaries of the program work in the local public authorities and would consider facilitating the creation of such bureaus in their localities.

It is important to mention that the event was organized as part of the EU-funded project “Supporting the implementation of the migration and development component of the EU-Moldova Mobility partnership and harnessing its benefits for the residents of the Transnistria Region of the Republic of Moldova”, which is implemented by IOM Moldova. The total budget of the project is EUR 1,499,979.61. Read more about the project at

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