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IOM helps women migrants strengthen for a better future

On March 28 March 2016 was held the Public Forum ”Partnership for Inclusive and Prosperous Moldova – Women Matter!”, 3rd edition. The event was organized by the Consultative Group of the Civic Society (CGCS) and the Platform for Female Deputies.

Women who have experienced migration, a distinctive part of CGCS, were represented by „Familii Migrante” and „TCEUForum” NGOs, by the beneficiaries of programmes for return and reintegration implemented by IOM, Mission to Moldova, UN Women, SysLab-UNDP, NEXUS/IASCI.

The group was strengthened with the help of the IOM Gender Focal Point, Mrs. Viorica Olaru and with the support of „Socio-Polis” NGO. The women migrants discussed a few key challenges that women migrants and their families meet when returning to the homeland. The format of the discussion – 20 minutes with each parliamentary group – implied concise phrasing and a positive approach to the identification of solutions by the women migrants. The parliamentary groups showed understanding of the discussed challenges on one hand, and openness regarding their resolution in a constructive and thorough manner on the other hand.

The women migrants underlined that they would have liked better:

1.    Ensuring the right to education and training for Moldovan children returned from abroad by creating conditions for integration in the educational system of the Republic of Moldova; reducing negative effects of the integration on the returned children;

2.    Facilitating of the process of reintegration of returned migrants in Moldova by ensuring the right to information;

3.    Functioning of the mechanism for cooperation between the authorities, development partners, international organizations and associations of returned migrants in order to ensure the settlement of identified issues.

In order to achieve concrete results, it was agreed on planning, implementation and monitoring of a joint work plan in the shortest time.