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Flash mob at MallDova and the Serbian film “Sestre” by International Organization for Moldova, Mission in Moldova under the national campaign “Week against trafficking in persons”

The day of October 18th yearly marks the European Day against Trafficking in Persons Thanks to this occasion, from 15 to 21 of October has been held the national campaign of the “Week against trafficking in persons”, which aimed at increasing the degree of people’s awareness with regard to the phenomenon of trafficking in persons.

The IOM Mission to Moldova is honored to announce the following dedicated events:

-    Film screening of “Sestre”, 16 October, at T5 club (formerly known as Tipografia 5). The screening aimed at increasing public awareness regarding the challenges and necessities of sexually exploited victims of trafficking in persons, a category of victims that is the largest among the victims originating from the Republic of Moldova.
Filmed in 2011 with the support of the Republic of Serbia and international partners and based on a real facts, it tells the story of two sisters who decide to move abroad in search for a better life. Unfortunately, their trip took an unexpected turn. The event had gathered dozens of viewers, many of whom got involved into thoughtful discussions after the screening.

-    Flash mob, 20 October, at MallDova Shopping Centre. Twenty youngsters from the Community Centre for Children and Youths “Speranta” staged a little act on the topic of human trafficking. The flash mob was aimed at increasing the level of people’s awareness regarding the destructive crime.
People Tuesday’s shopping time was slightly interrupted by the youngsters who wore T-shirts saying “A kidnapped person – a lost dream” and duct tape over their mouths, in order to emphasize the insufficiency of the existing social dialogue regarding the trafficking in persons.
The visitors of the shopping center proved interested and have not hesitated to ask us about trafficking in Moldova generally and how one can prevent a potential victim from falling into a trafficker’s grip.

For more information please contact  Stas Splavnic, Prevention and Protection Programme, IOM Moldova, tel. +373 (115) 232940, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it