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On 24 February 2016, Moldovan Government approved the National Strategy ”Diaspora-2025”. Mr. Valeriu Turea, Chief of Bureau for Relations with Diaspora, presented the content of the strategy to the Executive.

The Strategy and the Action Plan, which was approved by the Government in the same session, represent a framework for ensuring policy coherence of the Government, implementation of a shared vision on diaspora and development.

The strategy sets out four specific objectives for the next 10 years: elaboration and development of the strategic and operational framework of diaspora, migration and development; ensuring the rights of diaspora and confidence building; mobilization, development and recognition of human potential of the Diaspora; direct and indirect involvement of the Diaspora in sustainable economic development of the country. And it will be implemented in three phases.

The development of the strategy started in the summer of 2014 through public consultation with Diaspora representatives, civil society, Moldovan academia and international partners. Later, the strategy concept was presented, discussed and accepted by the delegates of the Sixth Congress of the Moldovan Diaspora (on 1-3 September 2014).

BRD will implement the strategy with the support of Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency SDC), alongside central and local public authorities, developement partners, civil society and diaspora.

IOM, Mission to Moldova will offer all the support to its partners in the implementation process of the strategy.

The text of the strategy will soon be published on Official Monitor. In the meantime, more information can be found on