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Medical examination requirements and procedures for visa applicants to Canada
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Permanent and temporary resident applicants (visitors, students, workers) may be required to undergo health assessment. Medical exam may only be conducted by an organization or physician specifically designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and in accordance with the procedures and standards established by the Immigration Medical Service.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) have developed a new electronic system eMedical that approved panel physicians, radiologists to process electronically the immigration health examinations for Australian and Canadian visa applicants.

All immigration applications lodged after 25th of March 2013, are processed and submitted in eMedical system.
Instructions on how to take the medical examination are normally sent to the applicants after the documents have been submitted to the visa office.

All applicants must bring the following to the medical examination:

• The medical form received from the Canadian Embassy;
• Passport or identity card for all persons being examined;
• The immunization record for all children with ages between 0 and 16;
• Prescription eyeglasses (if applicable);
• Medical certificates, clinical reports, hospital discharge papers relevant to any medical problems past and present.

The medical examination includes the following:

• Urine test for all persons 5 years and over;
• Chest x-ray for all persons 11 and over;
• Blood HIV test and Syphilis test for all persons 15 years an over;
• Physical Examination.

Panel physician (PP) may refer the applicants for additional investigations and/or repeated chest X-ray in three months or even in the interval of six months from the initial examination.

Panel physicians:

• Dr. Eugenia Ciubotaru
• Dr. Stela Oprea
• Dr. Natalia Antonova

After successful lodgment in the eMedical system all the data are recorded, checked and submitted on-line.

The screening fee must be paid on the day of health assessment, in local currency (MDL) at the IOM designated bank.

To book an appointment, please contact IOM Chisinau Medical Unit at:
Tel.: +373 22 233 188; e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it